Chemistry of eastern tropical Atlantic porewater, supplement to: Jahnke, Richard A; Emerson, Steven R; Reimers, Clare; Schuffert, Jeffrey D; Ruttenberg, K; Archer, David E (1989): Benthic recycling of biogenic debris in the eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 53(11), 2947-2960

Richard A Jahnke, Steven R Emerson, Clare Reimers, Jeffrey D Schuffert, K Ruttenberg & David E Archer
Distributions of pore water O2, NO-2, NO-3, NH+4, Si(OH)4, PO[3-]4, Mn[2+], F-, and T.A. were determined at 15 stations in the eastern equatorial Atlantic. While overall profile characteristics are consistent with previous models of organic matter diagenesis, profile shapes suggest that a deep reaction layer, rich in organic C, is also present at many sites. While it is unlikely that the oxidation of organic C in this layer has had a major effect on the...
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