Age determination of sediment cores from the western Svalbard margin, supplement to: Svendsen, John Inge; Elverhoi, Anders; Mangerud, Jan (1996): The retreat of the Barents Sea ice sheet on the western Svalbard margin. Boreas, 25(4), 244-256

John Inge Svendsen, Anders Elverhoi & Jan Mangerud
The deglaciation of the continental shelf to the west of Spitsbergen and the main fjord, Isfjorden, is discussed based on sub-bottom seismic records and sediment cores. The sea floor on the shelf to the west of Isfjorden is underlain by less than 2 m of glaciomarine sediments over a firm diamicton interpreted as till. In central Isfjorden up to 10 m of deglaciation sediments were recorded, whereas in cores from the innermost tributary, Billefjorden, less...
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