Age determination of sediment cores off western Spitsbergen, supplement to: Svendsen, John-Inge; Mangerud, Jan; Elverhoi, Anders; Solheim, Anders; Schüttenhelm, Ruud TE (1992): The Late Weichselian glacial maximum on western Spitsbergen inferred from offshore sediment cores. Marine Geology, 104(1-4), 1-17

John-Inge Svendsen, Jan Mangerud, Anders Elverhoi, Anders Solheim & Ruud TE Schüttenhelm
The Late Weichselian glacial history of the continental shelf off western Spitsbergen is discussed, based on acoustic sub-bottom records and sediment cores. The outer part of Isfjorden and the inner shelf to the west of this fjord are characterized by a thin veneer (10-20 m) of glacigenic sediments and absence of ice-marginal features. Towards the outer shelf the sediment thickness increases significantly, and exceeds 500 m at the shelf edge. Possible moraine complexes were identified...
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