Alkenone and boron based Oligocene pCO2 records, supplement to: Seki, Osamu; Foster, Gavin L; Schmidt, Daniela N; Mackensen, Andreas; Kawamura, Kimitaka; Pancost, Richard D (2010): Alkenone and boron based Pliocene pCO2 records. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 292(1-2), 201-211

Osamu Seki, Gavin L Foster, Daniela N Schmidt, Andreas Mackensen, Kimitaka Kawamura & Richard D Pancost
The Pliocene period is the most recent time when the Earth was globally significantly (~3°C) warmer than today. However, the existing pCO2 data for the Pliocene are sparse and there is little agreement between the various techniques used to reconstruct palaeo-pCO2. Moreover, the temporal resolution of the published records does not allow a robust assessment of the role of declining pCO2 in the intensification of the Northern Hemisphere Glaciation (INHG) and a direct comparison to...
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