Mineral and chemical compositions of sedimentary and volcano-sedimentary rocks drilled in DSDP Legs 43 and 44, supplement to: Murdmaa, Ivar O; Bazilevskaya, Elena S; Gordeev, Viacheslav V; Emelyanov, Emelyan M; Kazakova, Vera P; Kuz'mina, Tatyana G; Mukhina, Valentina V; Rudakova, Alevtina N; Turanskaya, Natalya V (1979): Geological Formations of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean. Bezrukov, P.L. (Ed.), Nauka Publ. (Moscow): in Russian, 207 pp.

Ivar O Murdmaa, Elena S Bazilevskaya, Viacheslav V Gordeev, Emelyan M Emelyanov, Vera P Kazakova, Tatyana G Kuz'mina, Valentina V Mukhina, Alevtina N Rudakova & Natalya V Turanskaya
Sedimentary cover on the bottom of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean is underlain by Late Jurassic - Cretaceous tholeiite-basalt formation. It consists of come sedimentary formations with different lithologic features and age. Their composition, stratigraphic position and, distribution are described on materials of deep-sea drilling. Mineralogical and geochemical studies of DSDP Leg 43 and Leg 44 holes lead to new ideas about composition and genesis of some sediment types of and their associations. High metal contents...
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