Benthic foraminifera assemblages of the Gulf of Aden, supplement to: Almogi-Labin, Ahuva; Schmiedl, Gerhard; Hemleben, Christoph; Siman-Tov, R; Segl, Monika; Meischner, Dieter (2000): The influence of the NE winter monsoon on productivity changes in the Gulf of Aden, NW Indian Ocean during the last 530 kyr as recorded by foraminifera. Marine Micropaleontology, 40(3), 295-319

Ahuva Almogi-Labin, Gerhard Schmiedl, Christoph Hemleben, R Siman-Tov, Monika Segl & Dieter Meischner
Benthic and selected planktic foraminifera and stable isotope records were determined in a piston core from the Gulf of Aden, NW Arabian Sea that spans the last 530 ka. The benthic foraminifera were grouped into four principal assemblages using Q-mode Principal Component Analyses. Comparison of each of these assemblages with the fauna of the nearby regions enabled us to identify their specific environmental requirements as a function of variability in food supply and strength of...
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