Age determination and geochemistry of sediment core KK9601, supplement to: Kristoffersen, Yngve; Strand, Kari O; Vorren, Tore O; Harwood, David M; Webb, Peter-Noel (2000): Pilot shallow drilling on the continental shelf, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. Antarctic Science, 12(4), 463-470

Yngve Kristoffersen, Kari O Strand, Tore O Vorren, David M Harwood & Peter-Noel Webb
A light, mining drill rig deployed from the stern of a research vessel has been used to carry out shallow drilling in 212 m water depth on the continental shelf in the eastern Weddell Sea. Penetration was 15 m below the seabed with 18% recovery in the 31 hours available for the experiment. The recovered glacigenic sediments are predominantly volcanic material of basaltic and andesitic composition with petrological characteristics and age similar to the continental...
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