Estimates of sea surface temperatures in the Coral Sea, supplement to: Anderson, David M; Prell, Warren L; Barratt, N J (1989): Estimates of sea surface temperature in the Coral Sea at the last glacial Maximum. Paleoceanography, 4(6), 615-627

David M Anderson, Warren L Prell & N J Barratt
The CLIMAP [1981] reconstruction of the Coral Sea found relatively little cooling (2°C) in the low latitudes (10°S) but a warming off Australia at about 25°S. The small low-latitude changes are of interest because terrestrial pollen and snowline data from the New Guinea highlands imply that surface temperatures may have been 6° to 9°C colder at the last glacial maximum (LGM). The purpose of this paper is to evaluate these conclusions on the basis of...
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