Bulk geochemical and lipid biomarker data for sediment core W8402A-14, supplement to: Prahl, Frederick G; Muehlhausen, Laurel A; Lyle, Mitchell W (1989): An organic Geochemical Assessment of Oceanographic conditions at manop site C over the Past 26,000 Years. Paleoceanography, 4(5), 495-510

Frederick G Prahl, Laurel A Muehlhausen & Mitchell W Lyle
Eleven sediment samples taken downcore and representing the past 26 kyr of deposition at MANOP site C (0°57.2°N, 138°57.3°W) were analyzed for lipid biomarker composition. Biomarkers of both terrestrial and marine sources of organic carbon were identified. In general, concentration profiles for these biomarkers and for total organic carbon (TOC) displayed three common stratigraphic features in the time series: (1) a maximum within the surface sediment mixed layer (<=4 ka); (2) a broad minimum extending...
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