Lead 210 and silicate profiles from sediments of the equatorial Pacific and South Atlantic, supplement to: DeMaster, David J; Cochran, James R (1982): Particle mixing rates in deep-sea sediments determined from excess 210Pb and 32Si profiles. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 61(2), 257-271

David J DeMaster & James R Cochran
Particle mixing rates have been determined for 5 South Atlantic/Antarctic and 3 equatorial Pacific deep-sea cores using excess 210Pb and 32Si measurements. Radionuclide profiles from these siliceous, calcareous, and clay-rich sediments have been evaluated using a steady state vertical advection diffusion model. In Antarctic siliceous sediments210Pb mixing coefficients (0.04-0.16 cm**2/y) are in reasonable agreement with the 32Si mixing coefficient (0.2 or 0.4 cm**2/y, depending on 32Si half-life). In an equatorial Pacific sediment core, however, the...
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