Stable isotope record of Uvigerina peregrina from the Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Vergnaud-Grazzini, Colette; Pierre, Catherine (1991): High fertility in the Alboran Sea since the last glacial maximum. Paleoceanography, 6(4), 519-536

Colette Vergnaud-Grazzini & Catherine Pierre
Based on the glacial to postglacial delta13C differences between endobenthic Uvigerina peregrina species from the Alboran basin and from other mediterranean basins, changes in the fertility of the western part of this basin during the last deglaciation are reconstructed. As a result of particulate organic carbon (POC) rain from the highly productive upwelling cell along the northwestern margin of the Alboran basin, U. peregrina is presently depleted by about 1.6per mil with respect to the...
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