Stable isotope record of foraminifera from the subarctic Pacific, supplement to: Zahn, Rainer; Pedersen, Thomas F; Bornhold, Brian D; Mix, Alan C (1991): Water mass conversion in the glacial subarctic Pacific (54°N, 148°W): physical constraints and the benthic-planktonic stable isotope record. Paleoceanography, 6(5), 543-560

Rainer Zahn, Thomas F Pedersen, Brian D Bornhold & Alan C Mix
Benthic (Uvigerina spp., Cibicidoides spp., Gyroidinoides spp.) and planktonic (N. pachyderma sinistral, G. bulloides) stable isotope records from three core sites in the central Gulf of Alaska are used to infer mixed-layer and deepwater properties of the late glacial Subarctic Pacific. Glacial-interglacial amplitudes of the planktonic delta18O records are 1.1-1.3 per mil, less than half the amplitude observed at core sites at similar latitudes in the North Atlantic; these data imply that a strong, negative...
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