Cadmium/Calcium and stable isotope ratios of benthic foraminifera from the northeast Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Bertram, Caroline J; Elderfield, Henry; Shackleton, Nicholas J; McDonald, J A (1995): Cadmium/calcium and carbon isotope reconstructions of the glacial northeast Atlantic Ocean. Paleoceanography, 10(3), 563-578

Caroline J Bertram, Henry Elderfield, Nicholas J Shackleton & J A McDonald
The delta13C and Cd measurements from benthic foraminifera from Biogeochemical Ocean Flux Study (BOFS) northeast Atlantic Ocean sediment cores are presented. The delta13C values in glacial foraminifera are consistent with those from elsewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean. For intermediate water (1000 - 2000 m water depth), delta13C values were higher at the last glacial maximum than in present North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW), whereas for deep water (>2000 m) they were lower during the...
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