Sea surface temperature reconstruction of sediment profile W8709A-8, supplement to: Prahl, Frederick G; Pisias, Nicklas G; Sparrow, Margaret A; Sabin, Anne (1995): Assessment of sea-surface temperature at 42°N in the California Current over the last 30,000 years. Paleoceanography, 10(4), 763-774

Frederick G Prahl, Nicklas G Pisias, Margaret A Sparrow & Anne Sabin
Assessment of changes in surface ocean conditions, in particular, sea-surface temperature (SST), is essential to understand long-term changes in climate especially in regions where continental climate is strongly influenced by oceanographic processes. To evaluate changes in SST in the northeast Pacific, we have analyzed long-chain alkenones of prymnesiophyte origin at 38 depths in a piston and associated trigger core collected beneath the contemporary core of the California Current System at 42°N, ~270 km off the...
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