Stable oxygen isotope record and abundances of Globorotalia menardii in sediments from the tropical Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Berger, Wolfgang H; Killingley, John S; Metzler, C V; Vincent, Edith (1985): Two-Step Deglaciation: 14C-Dated High Resolution d18O Records from the Tropical Atlantik Ocean. Quaternary Research, 23(2), 258-271

Wolfgang H Berger, John S Killingley, C V Metzler & Edith Vincent
Eight box cores from the tropical Atlantic were studied in detail with regard to foraminiferal oxygen isotopes, radiocarbon, and Globorotalia menardii abundance. A standard Atlantic oxygen-isotope signal was reconstructed for the last 20,000 yr. It is quite similar to the west-equatorial Pacific signal published previously. Deglaciation is seen to occur in two steps which are separated by a pause. Onset of deglaciation is after 15,000 yr B.P. The pause is centered between 11,000 and 12,000...
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