Barium in seawater and sediments from the Artic Ocean, supplement to: Falkner, Kelly Kennison; Macdonald, Robie W; Carmack, Eddy C; Weingartner, T (1994): The potential of Barium as a tracer in Arctic water masses. In: Johannessen, O M; Muench, R D & Overland, J E (eds.), The polar oceans and their role in shaping the global environment. Geophysical Monograph Series, American Geophysical Union, 540 pages, ISBN 0-87590-042-9, 85, 63-76

Kelly Kennison Falkner, Robie W Macdonald, Eddy C Carmack & T Weingartner
As part of ongoing circulation studies in the Arctic, seawater samples for dissolved Ba concentrations were obtained during Sep.-Oct., 1992 at several locations in the Bering Strait, Eastern Chukchi and Southern Beaufort Seas. The results reveal a dynamic rang (10 to 150 nmol/kg) for this element in the Arctic equal to or greater than that in combined Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Lowest levels are observed in surface waters, with values tending to decrease northwards...
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