Mineralogy and age determination of sediment core D11957P, supplement to: Lebreiro, Susana Martin; Moreno, J C; McCave, I Nick; Weaver, Philip PE (1996): Evidence for Heinrich layers off Portugal (Tore Seamount: 39°N, 12°W). Marine Geology, 131(1-2), 47-56

Susana Martin Lebreiro, J C Moreno, I Nick McCave & Philip PE Weaver
The Tore Seamount is a circular, volcano-like feature 100 km in diameter with its summit at 2200 m water depth and a small, 5000 m deep basin in its interior. It is situated approximately 300 km west of Lisbon and is surrounded by deep abyssal plains. This site with a standard pelagic stratigraphy is the southernmost point where the so-called Heinrich events have so far been recorded.A succession of alternating interglacial/glacial periods reveals a stratigraphic...
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