Sea surface temperature reconstruction for sediment core M35003-4 in the western tropical North Atlantic, supplement to: Hüls, Matthias; Zahn, Rainer (2000): Millennial-scale sea surface temperature variability in the western tropical North Atlantic from planktonic foraminiferal census counts. Paleoceanography, 15(6), 659-678

Matthias Hüls & Rainer Zahn
Planktonic foraminiferal census counts are used to construct high-resolution sea surface temperature (SST) and subsurface (thermocline) temperature records at a core site in the Tobago Basin, Lesser Antilles. The record is used to document climatic variability at this tropical site in comparison to middle- and high-latitude sites and to test current concepts of cross-equatorial heat transports as a major player in interhemispheric climate variability. Temperatures are estimated using transfer function and modern analog techniques. Glacial...
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