Table 1: Soil chemical properties of the analysed depth profiles in the Venice lagoon, supplement to: Lang, Friederike; von der Lippe, Moritz; Schimpel, Susanne; Scozzafava-Jaeger, Tiberio; Straub, Wolfgang (2010): Topsoil morphology indicates bio-effective redox conditions in Venice salt marshes. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 87, 11-20

Friederike Lang, Moritz von der Lippe, Susanne Schimpel, Tiberio Scozzafava-Jaeger & Wolfgang Straub
Visual traces of iron reduction and oxidation are linked to the redox status of soils and have been used to characterise the quality of agricultural soils.We tested whether this feature could also be used to explain the spatial pattern of the natural vegetation of tidal habitats. If so, an easy assessment of the effect of rising sea level on tidal ecosystems would be possible. Our study was conducted at the salt marshes of the northern...
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