Stable oxygen, hydrogene and chlorine isotopes of mid-Atlantic abyssal peridotites, supplement to: Barnes, Jaime D; Paulick, Holger; Sharp, Zachary D; Bach, Wolfgang; Beaudoin, Georges (2009): Stable isotope (d18 O, dD, d37 Cl) evidence for multiple fluid histories in mid-Atlantic abyssal peridotites (ODP Leg 209). Lithos, 110(1-4), 83-94

Jaime D Barnes, Holger Paulick, Zachary D Sharp, Wolfgang Bach & Georges Beaudoin
Serpentinized abyssal peridotites sampled by the Ocean Drilling Program Leg 209 along the mid-Atlantic Ridge near the 15°20'N Fracture Zone have been analyzed for oxygen, hydrogen, and chlorine isotope compositions in order to determine isotopic behavior under a wide range of serpentinization conditions and place constraints on fluid history. Oxygen and hydrogen thermometry suggests peak serpentinization temperatures of 300-500°C. Serpentine separates have low deltaD values possibly due to a magmatic fluid component or low-temperature exchange...
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