Oxygen and sulfur isotopes of peridotite and gabbro from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, supplement to: Alt, Jeffrey C; Shanks, Wayne C; Paulick, Holger; Garrido, Carlos J; Beaudoin, Georges (2007): Hydrothermal alteration and microbial sulfate reduction in peridotite and gabbro exposed by detachment faulting at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 15°20'N (ODP Leg 209): A sulfur and oxygen isotope study. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 8(8), 1-22

Jeffrey C Alt, Wayne C Shanks, Holger Paulick, Carlos J Garrido & Georges Beaudoin
Whole rock sulfur and oxygen isotope compositions of altered peridotites and gabbros from near the 15°20'N Fracture Zone on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were analyzed to investigate hydrothermal alteration processes and test for a subsurface biosphere in oceanic basement. Three processes are identified. (1) High-temperature hydrothermal alteration (~250-350°C) at Sites 1268 and 1271 is characterized by 18O depletion (2.6-4.4 per mil), elevated sulfide-S, and high delta34S (up to ~2 wt% and 4.4-10.8 per mil). Fluids were...
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