Environmental magnetism, geochemical measurements and colour reflectance of two sediment cores: GeoB4905-4 off Cameroon and GeoB4906-3 off Gabon, supplement to: Itambi, Achakie C; von Dobeneck, Tilo; Adegbie, Adesina T (2010): Millennial-scale precipitation changes over Central Africa during the late Quaternary and Holocene: evidence in sediments from the Gulf of Guinea. Journal of Quaternary Science, 25(3), 267-279

Achakie C Itambi
We combine environmental magnetism, geochemical measurements and colour reflectance to study two late Quaternary sediment cores: GeoB 4905-4 at 2° 30 N off Cameroon and GeoB 4906-3 at 0° 44 N off Gabon. This area is suitable for investigating precipitation changes over Central and West Africa because of its potential to record input of aeolian and fluvial sediments. Three magnetozones representing low and high degree of alteration of the primary rock magnetic signals were identified....
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