Radionuclides of sediment cores and a sediment trap in the Weddell Sea, supplement to: Walter, Hans-Jürgen; Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M; Hoeltzen, H; Bathmann, Ulrich (2000): Reduced scavenging of 230Th in the Weddell Sea: implications for paleoceanographic reconstructions in the South Atlantic. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 47(7), 1369-1387

Hans-Jürgen Walter, Michiel M Rutgers van der Loeff, H Hoeltzen & Ulrich Bathmann
The scavenging of 230Th and 231Pa was investigated in the central Weddell Sea by combining results from a sediment trap and three sediment cores. Scavenging of both radionuclides is closely coupled with the annual cycle of particle fluxes. For 230Th the mean radionuclide flux measured in the trap is only 40% of its expected flux from production in the water column. This value is in excellent agreement with the long-term record in the sediment cores...
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