Pliocene foraminifera and SST changes in ODP Site 184-1125, supplement to: Sabaa, Ashwaq T; Sikes, Elisabeth L; Hayward, Bruce W; Howard, William R (2004): Pliocene sea surface temperature changes in ODP Site 1125, Chatham Rise, east of New Zealand. Marine Geology, 205(1-4), 113-125

Ashwaq T Sabaa, Elisabeth L Sikes, Bruce W Hayward & William R Howard
Planktonic foraminiferal census counts were converted to sea surface temperature (SST) estimates using the modern analogue technique (MAT) for the middle-late Pliocene (4.0-2.37 Ma) in ODP Site 1125, north side of Chatham Rise, SW Pacific Ocean. MAT SST(warm) records range between 8°C and 20.5°C, and MAT SST(cold) records parallel that pattern but with a temperature range of 5-15°C. The modern position of Site 1125 is just north of the Subtropical Front and has an annual...
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