Bulk rock magnetic measurements and thermomagnetic analyses of sediment core GeoB4901-8 from the southeastern flank of the Niger deep-sea fan, supplement to: Dillon, Melanie; Bleil, Ulrich (2006): Rock magnetic signatures in diagenetically altered sediments from the Niger deep-sea fan. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 111, B03105

Ulrich Bleil & Melanie Dillon
Diagenesis has extensively affected the magnetic mineral inventory of organic-rich late Quaternary sediments in the Niger deep-sea fan. Changes in concentration, grain size, and coercivity document modifications of the primary magnetic mineral assemblages at two horizons. The first front, the modern iron redox boundary, is characterized by a drastic decline in magnetic mineral content, coarsening of the grain size spectrum, and reduction in coercivity. Beneath a second front, the transition from the suboxic to the...
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