(Table 2) Correlation of Mi zones with hiatuses in ODP Site 181-1124, supplement to: Carter, Lionel; Carter, Robert M; McCave, I Nick (2004): Evolution of the sedimentary system beneath the deep Pacific inflow of eastern New Zealand. Marine Geology, 205(1-4), 9-27

Lionel Carter, Robert M Carter & I Nick McCave
Results from Ocean Drilling Program sites 1121-1124 show the Eastern New Zealand Oceanic Sedimentary System (ENZOSS) evolved in response to: (1) the inception of the circum-Antarctic circulation, (2) orbital and nonorbital regulation of the global thermohaline flow, and (3) development of the New Zealand plate boundary. ENZOSS began in the early Oligocene following opening of the Tasmanian gateway and inception of the ancestral Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and SW Pacific Deep Western Boundary Current (DWBC)....
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