(Table 1) Age model of ODP Site 184-1144, supplement to: Higginson, Matthew J; Maxwell, James R; Altabet, Mark A (2003): Nitrogen isotope and chlorin paleoproductivity records from the northern south China Sea: remote vs. local forcing of millennial- and orbital-scale variability. Marine Geology, 201(1-3), 223-250

Matthew J Higginson, James R Maxwell & Mark A Altabet
Variations in nitrogen isotopic composition (d15N) and total chlorin accumulation rate (AR) are employed asproxies to reconstruct oceanic nitrate inventory, the balance between denitrification and N fixation, and paleoproductivity in a rapidly accumulating sediment drift deposit beneath the Western Pacific Warm Pool for the last 145 Kyr. Subsurface and deep waters of the northern South China Sea (SCS) are sourced from the shallow Kuroshio Current (KC) and Pacific Intermediate Water, respectively. Their relative importance in...
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