Diatom abundance index and biogenic opal content for ODP Leg 175 holes, supplement to: Lange, Carina Beatriz; Berger, Wolfgang H; Lin, Hui-Ling; Wefer, Gerold; Shipboard Scientific Party (1999): The early Matuyama diatom maximum off SW Africa, Benguela Current System (ODP Leg 175). Marine Geology, 161(2-4), 93-114

Carina Beatriz Lange, Wolfgang H Berger, Hui-Ling Lin, Gerold Wefer &
Several sites of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 175 between 20° and 30°S (1081, 1082, 1083, 1084 and 1085) in the Benguela Current system show a distinct opal (and diatom) maximum within the late Pliocene and early Quaternary, spanning the lower half of the Matuyama reversed polarity Chron (MDM, Matuyama Diatom Maximum). This maximum is centered around 2.0-2.6 Ma, and follows a rapid increase of diatom deposition near 3.1 Ma. Within the MDM, we recognized intervals...
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