Petrographic, cathodoluminescent, and compositional characters of organic dolomites from ODP Leg 175 holes, supplement to: Pufahl, Peir K; Wefer, Gerold (2001): Data report: Petrographic, cathodoluminescent, and compositional characteristics of organogenic dolomites from the southwest African margin. In: Wefer, G; Berger, WH; Richter, C (eds.) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 175, 1-17

Peir K Pufahl & Gerold Wefer
The main objective of Leg 175 was to reconstruct the Late Neogene paleoceanographic history of the Benguela Current and associated upwelling regimes along the southwest African margin between 5° and 32°S. This area is one of the great upwelling regions of the world and plays an important role in the global ocean-carbon cycle. It is characterized by organic-rich sediments that contain a high-resolution record of productivity history that is closely linked to changes in regional...
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