Physical properties and sedimentology of 4 profiles fom the South Atlantic, supplement to: Breitzke, Monika (2000): Acoustic and elastic characterization of marine sediments by analysis, modeling, and inversion of ultrasonic P wave transmission seismograms. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 105(B9), 21411-21430

Monika Breitzke
Ultrasonic P wavc transmission seismograms recorded on sediment cores have been analyzed to study the acoustic and estimate the clastic properties of marine sediments from different provinces dominated by terrigenous, calcareous, amI diatomaceous sedimentation. Instantaneous frequencies computed from the transmission seismograms are displayed as gray-shaded images to give an acoustic overview of the lithology of each core. Ccntirneter-scale variations in the ultrasonic waveforms associated with lithological changes are illustrated by wiggle traces in detail. Cross-correlation,...
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