Magnetic measurements of ODP Hole 178-1095B on the Pacific continental rise of the West Antarctic Peninsula, supplement to: Hepp, Daniel A; Mörz, Tobias; Hensen, Christian; Frederichs, Thomas; Kasten, Sabine; Riedinger, Natascha; Hay, William W (2009): A late Miocene-early Pliocene Antarctic deepwater record of repeated iron reduction events. Marine Geology, 266(1-4), 198-211

Daniel A Hepp, Tobias Mörz, Christian Hensen, Thomas Frederichs, Sabine Kasten, Natascha Riedinger & William W Hay
In this study we present a late Miocene - early Pliocene record of sixty-four zones with prominent losses in the magnetic susceptibility signal, taken on a sediment drift (ODP Site 1095) on the Pacific continental rise of the West Antarctic Peninsula. The zones are comparable in shape and magnitude and occur commonly at glacial-to-interglacial transitions. High resolution records of organic matter, magnetic susceptibility and clay mineral composition from early Pliocene intervals demonstrate that neither dilution...
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