Age determination of eastern Weddel Sea sediments, supplement to: Elverhoi, Anders (1981): Evidence for a late Wisconsin glaciation of the Weddell Sea. Nature, 293(5834), 641-642

Anders Elverhoi
The huge ice shelves in West Antarctica -the Ross and Filchner/Ronne Ice Shelves- habe probably extended out on th continental shelf during the late Wisconsin (Stuiver et al., 1981). Previous discussions, which have focused on the Ross Sea, have suggested (1) that the ice extended across the whole continental shelf (Denton et al., 1975; Kellog et al., 1979, doi:10.1130/0091-7613(1979)7<249:LQEOTW>2.0.CO;2) or (2) that there was only a minor ecpansion (Drewry, 1979). Here we present sedimentological data...
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