Trace metal concentration and age model of ODP Hole 165-1002C sediments, supplement to: Haug, Gerald H; Hughen, Konrad A; Sigman, Daniel M; Peterson, Larry S; Röhl, Ursula (2001): Southward migration of the Intertropical Convergence Zone through the Holocene. Science, 293(5533), 1304-1308

Gerald H Haug, Konrad A Hughen, Daniel M Sigman, Larry S Peterson & Ursula Röhl
Titanium and iron concentration data from the anoxic Cariaco Basin, off the Venezuelan coast, can be used to infer variations in the hydrological cycle over northern South America during the past 14,000 years with subdecadal resolution. Following a dry Younger Dryas, a period of increased precipitation and riverine discharge occurred during the Holocene 'thermal maximum'. Since ~5400 years ago, a trend toward drier conditions is evident from the data, with high-amplitude fluctuations and precipitation minima...
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