Stable isotope record of planktonic foraminifera in the Laptev Sea and the Fram Strait, supplement to: Volkmann, Renate; Mensch, Manfred (2001): Stable isotope composition (d18O, d13C) of living planktic foraminifers in the outer Laptev Sea and Fram Strait. Marine Micropaleontology, 42(3-4), 163-188

Renate Volkmann & Manfred Mensch
The upper water column in the Fram Strait and the outer Laptev Sea was sampled for water column isotopes and living planktic foraminifer species Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (sinistral coiling) (Ehrenberg), 1861 and Turborotalita quinqueloba (Natland),1938. Their shell delta18O and delta13C values are compared to water oxygen and dissolved inorganic carbon isotope data to determine the environmental influence on the foraminifers' isotopic ratio. Major controls on the oxygen isotope composition of both species are the shallow depth...
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