Temperature reconstruction of sediment cores from the northeastern Arabian Sea, supplement to: Doose-Rolinski, Heidi; Rogalla, U; Scheeder, Georg; Lückge, Andreas; von Rad, Ulrich (2001): High resolution temperature and evaporation changes during the late Holocene in the northeastern Arabian Sea. Paleoceanography, 16(4), 358-367

Heidi Doose-Rolinski, U Rogalla, Georg Scheeder, Andreas Lückge & Ulrich von Rad
In order to reconstruct the monsoonal variability during the late Holocene we investigated a complete, annually laminated sediment record from the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) off Pakistan for oxygen isotopes of planktic foraminifera and alkenone-derived sea surface temperatures (SST). Significant SST changes of up to 3°C which cannot be explained by changes in the alkenone-producing coccolithophorid species (inferred from the Gephyrocapsa oceanica / Emiliania huxleyi ratio) suggest that SST changes are driven by changes in...
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