Pollen analyses of sediment core GeoB1711-4 in the eastern South Atlantic, supplement to: Shi, Ning; Schneider, Ralph R; Beug, Hans-Jürgen; Dupont, Lydie M (2001): Southeast trade wind variations during the last 135 kyr: evidence from pollen spectra in eastern South Atlantic sediments. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 187(3-4), 311-321

Ning Shi, Ralph R Schneider, Hans-Jürgen Beug & Lydie M Dupont
Influx of aeolian pollen trapped in marine sediments off Namibia provides a wind variation record for the last 135 kyr. The influx of major pollen components is derived from the southwest African desert/semi-desert zone and shows six periods during which enhanced southeast trade winds contributed to strong upwelling and reduced sea surface temperatures. The most prominent of these occurred during 17-23 cal. kyr, 42-56 kyr and before 130 kyr B.P. Correspondence between the pollen influx...
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