Climate proxies in sediment core MD95-2010, supplement to: Dokken, Trond; Jansen, Eystein (1999): Rapid changes in the mechanism of ocean convection during the last glacial period. Nature, 401(6752), 458-461

Trond Dokken & Eystein Jansen
High-amplitude, rapid climate fluctuations are common features of glacial times. The prominent changes in air temperature recorded in the Greenland ice cores (Dansgaard et al., 1993, doi:10.1038/339532a0; Grootes et al., 1993 doi:10.1038/366552a0) are coherent with shifts in the magnitude of the northward heat flux carried by the North Atlantic surface ocean (Bond et al., 1993, doi:10.1038/365143a0; Bond and Lotti, 1995, doi:10.1126/science.267.5200.1005); changes in the ocean's thermohaline circulation are a key component in many explanations of...
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