Geochemical and palynological results of IODP Hole 302-M0004A from Lomonosov Ridge, Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Sluijs, Appy; Schouten, Stefan; Donders, Timme H; Schoon, Petra L; Röhl, Ursula; Reichart, Gert-Jan; Sangiorgi, Francesca; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S; Brinkhuis, Henk (2009): Warm and wet conditions in the Arctic region during Eocene Thermal Maximum 2. Nature Geosciences, 2, 777-780

Appy Sluijs, Stefan Schouten, Timme H Donders, Petra L Schoon, Ursula Röhl, Gert-Jan Reichart, Francesca Sangiorgi, Jung-Hyun Kim, Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté & Henk Brinkhuis
Several episodes of abrupt and transient warming, each lasting between 50,000 and 200,000 years, punctuated the long-term warming during the Late Palaeocene and Early Eocene (58 to 51 Myr ago) epochs**1,2. These hyperthermal events, such as the Eocene Thermal Maximum 2 (ETM2) that took place about 53.5 Myr ago**2, are associated with rapid increases in atmospheric CO2 content. However, the impacts of most events are documented only locally**3,4. Here we show, on the basis of...
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