Age determination and paleotemperatures of western Mediterranean Sea sediments, supplement to: Cacho, Isabel; Grimalt, Joan O; Canals, Miquel; Sbaffi, Laura; Shackleton, Nicholas J; Schönfeld, Joachim; Zahn, Rainer (2001): Variability of the Western Mediterranean sea surface temperatures during the last 25 000 years and its connection with the northern hemisphere climatic changes. Paleoceanography, 16(1), 40-52

Isabel Cacho, Joan O Grimalt, Miquel Canals, Laura Sbaffi, Nicholas J Shackleton, Joachim Schönfeld & Rainer Zahn
Sea surface temperature (SST) profiles over the last 25 kyr derived from alkenone measurements are studied in four cores from a W-E latitudinal transect encompassing the Gulf of Cadiz (Atlantic Ocean), the Alboran Sea, and the southern Tyrrhenian Sea (western Mediterranean). The results document the sensitivity of the Mediterranean region to the short climatic changes of the North Atlantic Ocean, particularly those involving the latitudinal position of the polar front. The amplitude of the SST...
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