Sea-surface temperature reconstruction for sediment core GeoB1023-5, supplement to: Kim, Jung-Hyun; Schneider, Ralph R; Müller, Peter J; Wefer, Gerold (2002): Interhemispheric comparison of deglacial sea-surface temperature patterns in Atlantic eastern boundary currents. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 194(3-4), 383-393

Jung-Hyun Kim, Ralph R Schneider, Peter J Müller & Gerold Wefer
Sediment core GeoB 1023-5 from the eastern South Atlantic was investigated at high temporal resolution for variations of sea-surface temperature (SST) during the past 22 kyr, using the alkenone (UK'37) method. SSTs increased by 3.5°C from about 18°C during the Last Ice Age (21±2 cal kyr BP) to about 21.5°C at 14.5 cal kyr BP. This warming trend associated with the deglaciation phase was followed by a cooling event with lowest SSTs near 20°C, persisting...
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