Physical properties of four profiles from the Triassic in Germany, supplement to: Vollmer, Thorsten; Ricken, Werner; Weber, Michael E; Tougiannidis, Nikolaos; Röhling, Heinz-Gerd; Hambach, Ulrich (2008): Orbital control on Upper Triassic Playa cycles of the Steinmergel-Keuper (Norian): A new concept for ancient playa cycles. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 267(1-2), 1-16

Thorsten Vollmer, Werner Ricken, Michael E Weber, Nikolaos Tougiannidis, Heinz-Gerd Röhling & Ulrich Hambach
The Norian Steinmergel-Keuper (SMK) represents a low-latitude cyclically-bedded playa system of the Mid-German Basin. We investigated a drilling site (core Morsleben) and sections from marginal positions. Dolomite/red mudstone beds form rhythmic alternations that were associated with varying monsoon activity. Hence, low K/Al ratios of dolomite beds suggest increased chemical weathering of the crystalline hinterland and therefore increased monsoonal rainfall. High K/Al ratios in red mudstone beds reflect increased physical weathering of the hinterlands during dryer...
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