Sedimentology and dinoflagellate cycst of the Cap Blanc Nez section, supplement to: Wendler, Jens E; Gräfe, Kai-Uwe; Willems, Helmut (2002): Reconstruction of mid-Cenomanian orbitally forced palaeoenvironmental changes based on calcareous dinoflagellate cysts. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 179(1-2), 19-41

Jens E Wendler, Kai-Uwe Gräfe & Helmut Willems
Mid-Cenomanian, precession-controlled (21 ka) chalk-marl couplets of the Cap Blanc Nez section (Anglo-Paris Basin) have been studied with focus on the effects which Milankovitch cycles have had on the palaeoenvironment. In this paper, we present micropalaeontological and lithological proxies that enable the reconstruction of both the cycle architecture and the transformation of the orbitally forced signal into the sediment. A palaeoecological reconstruction based on changes in calcareous dinoflagellate cysts (c-dinocysts) assemblages was carried out, in...
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