Sedimentology on surface samples from the White Sea, supplement to: Saukel, Cornelia; Stein, Ruediger; Vogt, Christoph; Shevchenko, Vladimir P (2010): Clay-mineral and grain-size distributions in surface sediments of the White Sea (Arctic Ocean): indicators of sediment sources and transport processes. Geo-Marine Letters, 30(6), 605-616

Cornelia Saukel, Ruediger Stein, Christoph Vogt & Vladimir P Shevchenko
In this study, the grain-size and clay-mineral compositions of 73 surface sediment samples collected in a variety of environmental settings in the White Sea are presented to characterize recent sedimentation processes, reconstruct transport pathways, and identify potential source areas of the terrigenous components. Areas >100 m deep are invariably characterized by silty clay, whereas areas <100 m deep exhibit more heterogeneous grain-size compositions plausibly explained by coastal erosion and (re-)distribution mechanisms, particularly tidal currents. The...
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