Pollen records from lakes in Mecklenburg, Germany, supplement to: Homann, Marion; Merkt, Josef; Müller, Helmut (2002): Sedimentologische und pollenanalytische Untersuchungen einiger mecklenburgischer Seen - ein West-Ost-Transekt (Sedimentological and pollen analyses of the sediments of some lakes on a West-East-transect in Mecklenburg (NE Germany)). Greifswalder Geographische Arbeiten; In: Kaiser, K. (Hrsg.) Die jungquartäre Fluß- und Seegenese in Norddeutschland. Beiträge zur Tagung in Hohenzieritz (Mecklenburg) vom 26.-28. Februar 2002, 26, 35-38

Marion Homann, Josef Merkt & Helmut Müller
The oldest lacustrine sediments of the cores from seven kettle-hole lakes in the Frankfurt Stadium in Mecklen-burg-Vorpommern were deposited during the Alleroed. The dead-ice melted rapidly in the mid-Alleroed. The Laachersee-tephra was found in the lakes east of Lake Müritz, the Saksunarvatn tephra occurred in two lakes. The sediments are generally non-laminated, varves occurred only in isolated sections of a few of these lakes. Relatively high percentages of pine characterize the pollen profiles during the...
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