Geochemical characterization of black shales from the Tarfaya Basin, supplement to: Kolonic, Sadat; Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S; Böttcher, Michael E; Kuypers, Marcel MM; Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Beckmann, Britta; Scheeder, Georg; Wagner, Thomas (2002): Geochemical characterization of Cenomanian/Turonian black hales from the Tarafaya Basin (SW Morocco): Relationships betweeen alaeoenviromental conditions and early sulphurization of sedimentary organic matter. Journal of Petroleum Geology, 25(3), 325-350

Sadat Kolonic, Jaap S Sinninghe Damsté, Michael E Böttcher, Marcel MM Kuypers, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Britta Beckmann, Georg Scheeder & Thomas Wagner
Organic geochemical and petrological investigations were carried out on Cenomanian/Turonian black shales from three sample sites in the Tarfaya Basin (SW Morocco) to characterize the sedimentary organic matter. These black shales have a variable bulk and molecular geochemical composition reflecting changes in the quantity and quality of the organic matter. High TOC contents (up to 18wt%) and hydrogen indices between 400 and 800 (mgHC/gTOC) indicate hydrogen-rich organic matter (Type I-II kerogen) which qualifies these laminated...
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