Chemical composition of mineral phases of serpentinized and steatized peridotite from the Mid Atlantic Ridge (15°20'N Fracture Zone, ODP Leg209), supplement to: Klein, Frieder; Bach, Wolfgang (2009): Fe-Ni-Co-O-S Phase Relations in Peridotite-Seawater Interactions. Journal of Petrology, 50, 37-59

Frieder Klein & Wolfgang Bach
Serpentinization of abyssal peridotites is known to produce extremely reducing conditions as a result of dihydrogen (H2,aq) release upon oxidation of ferrous iron in primary phases to ferric iron in secondary minerals by H2O.We have compiled and evaluated thermodynamic data for Fe-Ni-Co-O-S phases and computed phase relations in fO2,g-fS2,g and aH2,aq-aH2S,aq diagrams for temperatures between 150 and 400°C at 50MPa.We use the relations and compositions of Fe-Ni-Co-O-S phases to trace changes in oxygen and sulfur...
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