Benthic oxygen flixes on the Washington shelf and slope, supplement to: Archer, David E; Devol, Alan H (1992): Benthic oxygen fluxes on the Washington shelf and slope: A comparison of in situ microelectrode and chamber flux measurements. Limnology and Oceanography, 37(3), 614-629

David E Archer & Alan H Devol
Benthic oxygen fluxes calculated from in situ microelectrode profiles arc compared with benthic flux chamber O2 uptake measurements on a transect of eight stations across the continental shelf and three stations on the slope of Washington State. Station depths ranged from 40 to 630 m and bottom-water oxygen concentrations were 127-38 µM. The fluxes measured by the two methods were similar on the slope, but on the shelf, the chamber flux exceeded the microelectrode flux...
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