Oxygen microprofiles and porewater chemistry in sediments of the Skagerrak, supplement to: Bakker, Joop F; Helder, Wim (1993): Skagerrak (northeastern North-Sea) oxygen microprofiles and porewater chemistry in sediments. Marine Geology, 111(3-4), 299-321

Joop F Bakker & Wim Helder
Sediment porewater oxygen profiles were measured with micro and needle electrodes in sediment cores of 27 stations in the Skagerrak (northeastern North Sea). Oxygen penetration depth ranged from 3 to 20 mm depth. Fluxes estimated from the oxygen gradients varied from 3 to 18 mmol m**-2 d**-1. Oxygen penetration and flux depend on water depth, but possibly more on the hydrological conditions, related to the import of fresh organic matter by primary production in the...
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