Thermomagnetic measurements on sediment cores GeoB1523-1, GeoB2910-1 and Geob4313-2, supplement to: Franke, Christine; Frederichs, Thomas; Dekkers, Mark J (2007): Efficiency of heavy liquid separation to concentrate magnetic particles. Geophysical Journal International, 170(3), 1053-1066

Christine Franke, Thomas Frederichs & Mark J Dekkers
Low-temperature rock magnetic measurements have distinct diagnostic value. However, in most bulk marine sediments the concentration of ferrimagnetic and antiferromagnetic minerals is extremely low, so even sensitive instrumentation often responds to the paramagnetic contribution of the silicate matrix in the residual field of the magnetometer. Analysis of magnetic extracts is usually performed to solve the problems raised by low magnetic concentrations. Additionally magnetic extracts can be used for several other analyses, for example electron microscopy...
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