Late Miocene biostratigraphy of ODP Site 184-1143 (Table 1), supplement to: Chen, Muhong; Wang, Rujian; Yang, Lihong; Han, Jianxiu; Lu, Jun (2003): Development of east Asian summer monsoon environments in the late Miocene: radiolarian evidence from Site 1143 of ODP Leg 184. Marine Geology, 201(1-3), 169-177

Muhong Chen, Rujian Wang, Lihong Yang, Jianxiu Han & Jun Lu
Abundant radiolarians are preserved in the relatively complete upper Miocene section of ODP Site 1143. Three radiolarian zones, RN6, RN7 and RN8, are recognized on the basis of Diartus petterssoni (total range in RN6, <11.9-8.77 Ma), Diartus hughesi (last appearance at RN7/RN8, 7.7 Ma) and Stichocorys delmontensis (RN6 to RN8, >6.7 Ma). Variations in the abundance of radiolarians,especially Pyloniid forms,radiolarian flux and species diversity are good proxies of upwelling which,similar to today's,was likely driven by...
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